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Economic indicators for Djibouti

Republic of Djibouti

Country in the Horn of Africa. Located on the western shore of the Strait of the Strait Gate, and is bordered by Eritrea to the north, Ethiopia to the west and south and south-east of Somalia in the east overlooking the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. On the other hand it across the Red Sea in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen coast, which lies about 20 kilometers from Djibouti,


Republic of Djibouti




=  Djibouti      National Anthem


capital ( DC )


Largest city

Afar, Arabic, French

Official Language



From France 6 /1977



23.200 Km 2


 0.09 km2


 - Total

 (%)- Water


37.2 / km2



Population density

1.877  Billion  $

2,392 $



 - GDP per capita


Franc (DJF )


+3 (UTC)


+3 (UTC)  


Time Zone

Time Difference



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Djibouti has few natural resources other than salt, low-yielding. Arid lands provides an opportunity small farm, and there is little mineral wealth, and there is no oil discovered off the coast. The problem is that people - although he is more educated than their counterparts regional - but the labor was not trained well enough to provide the skills in the management of international business. Does not provide the infrastructure requirements to attract international business. The main advantage of Djibouti lies in its strategic location. It has a vital port in a large area of land-locked country,


Carried out by small-scale projects such as dairy products and bottled mineral water and salt. The industrial sector, 21% of the gross national,


Agricultural production

Represent the most important fruits and vegetables, agricultural products. And where there are livestock of sheep, goats and camels. The returns of agriculture is about 4% of gross national,



Petroleum products, chemicals, food and beverages, transport equipment and devices,



development commends the Djibouti project is currently light giant Bmdiente Alnmodjitin who contain inside them, the area of a huge industrial port and an airport lounge and a commercial area, and the city of international tourism and bridge the giant link between Djibouti and Yemen, across the Strait, the Strait of Bab, and will provide important employment opportunities,



Tourism in Djibouti .. Strange beauty in the pristine nature

 Constitute the natural terrain of the Republic of Djibouti focus of tourist attraction and promising, what is between the volcanic hills and green forests and waters that overlapped with the honoring, beaches overlooking the Red Sea consists of scenes of beautiful and fascinating occupy the attention of photographers seeking oddity pristine beauty of nature,

The Republic of Djibouti on the Gulf of Aden at the Red Sea and is located in this corner of the Horn of Africa Forum for the lines of communication, cultural and trade relations between Europe and Asia through the Red Sea on the one hand and between Africa and the Gulf countries through the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea on the other,

It consisted of the environment with the human trait of the components of personal Djibouti way that constitutes in itself a motivation tourist magnet for those seeking natural beauty and feelings of warmth and good Yagmurk by the people of Djibouti, the owners of the faces and black wide smile, and the roots spread out on a nomadic culture ancient inherited from ancestors, and its behavior that betrays originality and high moral character and a great honor,


Muslims make up 94% of the population of Djibouti ('s 864.000 inhabitants) with the remainder of the Christian,

Land and climate

The Republic of Djibouti, between lines 11 ° and 14 ° 12 ° north latitude and 30 ° 39 ° and 41 ° east longitude. It is bounded on the north west and south-west Ethiopia, and south-east Somalia and the Middle Gulf of Aden. An area of 560 square kilometers of which 196 square kilometers of land within the region. Along the shoreline of 800 km and central highlands is Moussa Ali (2010 m) quality (1715 meters) frazzled (1300 meters) and Arai (1200 meters). Major lakes are Lake Assal 170 meters below sea level area of 115 square kilometers of which 65 square kilometers is covered in salt lake and his father,

Climate is hot and humid on the coast, desert in the interior,