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Economic indicators for Gambia

Republic of The Gambia

One of the West Africa. Is the smallest country located in Africa and is bordered to the north, east and south Senegal, and soak into the Gambia River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, which limits the country from the west. Identify the borders so that they extend 10 kilometers on both sides of the River Gambia.

Republic of The Gambia




=      National Anthem


capital ( DC )


Largest city


Official Language



From United Kingdom  2/1965


 10,380   Km 2



 - Total

 (%)- Water


132/ km2


Population density

1,400,000,000 $





 - GDP per capita


 Dalas (GMD






Time Zone

Time Difference



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Hardly peanuts to be one of the leading sources of economy in this country, representing about 80 percent of foreign exports, and there are other crops such as cotton and palm oil and rice, as well as industries simple as an industry, vegetable oil, shoes, which are concentrated generally in the capital and suburban areas, and tourism is tributary key revenue accounting for 71 percent of the country's income is also a fish, titanium and tin, the most important sources of natural wealth in the Republic of Gambia.



Islam is the dominant religion, as followed by about 90% of the population. Followed by the majority of Sunni Muslims in Gambia. Stop economic life in Islamic holidays, Eid al-Adha holiday of Ramadan. Belongs to the majority of Muslims in Gambia in the Maliki school of jurisprudence. The Christian community, represents about 8% of the population.


Land and climate

Extends the territory of the Gambia for the neck of land, created by the flooding of the River Gambia, which crosses in length, extending the tongue a length of 300 kilometers, or more than a maximum width of a 50 km, originates from Guinea, and embark on a path winding through the territory of Gambia before emptying eventually into the Atlantic Ocean,

Gambia tropical climate in general, it is hot and humid rainy from June to November, dry and cool from November to May