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Economic indicators for Rwanda

Republic of Rwanda

Is a country in East Africa, the African Great Lakes region of central eastern Africa, bordered (east of Tanzania, Uganda, north west, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo) to the south, which is in addition to regions of Congo, Burundi, the Great. Rwanda is the source of River Nile .

Republic of Rwanda






=      National Anthem


capital ( DC )


Largest city

France,  English, Soahilip, Kinyarwanda 

Official Language



From Belgium  7/1962


26,338  Km 2



 - Total

 (%)- Water



343 / km2


Population density

10,462,000,000 $


1,268 $


 - GDP per capita


Rwandan franc (RWF )


+2 (UTC)


+2 (UTC)  


Time Zone

Time Difference




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Calling code



Build the economy of Rwanda Hrvati agriculture and pastoralism, and employs 92% of the workforce and farming is practiced in different parts of the country, and crops Ttmthel in coffee, tea, tobacco, sugar cane, bananas, and raise cattle numbers was not bad and coffee exports, and suffer Rwanda from a lack of transportation, and estimated the animal Trotha years (1408 - 1988) is estimated at (660,000) of cattle, (360) of sheep and 1,200,000) of the goats, and extracts from Algosdber east of Lake Kivu.



According to statistics, 49.6% Catholic, Protestant 43.9%, 4.6% Muslim, 1.7% for Adineon, 0.1% local religions.


Land and climate

The land of Rwanda Mdharsp alia, nominate country (Thousand Hills), and includes many Almertvaat volcanic, where the eastern edge of the groove of Africa, there would Mountains Veringa and the highest section of the country, in north-western Rwanda, and the western section of part of the Rift Valley, a world wide low rosette Lake Kivu, and puts River Robzi south towards Lake Tanganyika, and go for the political borders between Zaire across the lake and the river, including watercourses, many of the range high in western Rwanda to Lake Victoria in the east, and the country is home to small lakes that spread in the east ,


Climate model Tropical Rwanda, and Aithamthel this pattern only in the low-lying areas, but Almertvaat vary by climatic conditions according to the different terrain, where mountains adjust the heat, making the thermal conditions are acceptable, and rain in abundant quantities and equinoxes.