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Investment opportunities in Comoros


Leads to economic growth and poverty reduction, the list of government priorities. Unemployment is very high as a rate of 14.3%.


The agriculture, fishing, hunting and forest management major sectors of the economy, and 38.4% of the population working in the primary sector.


The high population density of up to 1000 people per square kilometer in the most intensive agricultural areas could cause an environmental catastrophe in the near future for the economy, which depends on rural agriculture dramatically, especially with the high rate of population growth.


The real GDP in the Comoros as low as 1.9% in 2004 and continued real GDP per capita in the decline per year in 2004.


These decreases are attributable to several factors including lower investment and a decline in consumption and rising inflation and increasing trade imbalance is due to the relatively reduced prices of cash crops, especially vanilla.


In the Comoros transport system was not appropriate or adequate, and the population, mostly young and growing proportion of the population rapidly, as well as some limited natural resources.


The low level of education of the workforce contributes to the creation of a limited level of economic activity and leads to high unemployment, heavy reliance on external aid and technical assistance.


Agriculture contributes 40% of the gross domestic product and employs 80% of the workforce and provide the bulk of exports. The Comoros is the largest producer of plant Aliilnj in the world, and is also one of the largest production plant for vanilla.

The government is struggling to raise the level of education and technical training for the privatization of enterprises and industries, improving health services, diversify exports, promote tourism and reduce the high population growth rate.


Comoros demanded the right to coral reef Banc du Geyser Islands Jesser and also in the glorious islands as part of the exclusive economic zone of its own.


In addition, the Comoros is a member of Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa OHADA.


The Comoros is an archipelago of four large islands and many smaller islands located in the Indian Ocean, namely: (Nijazidja, island, smaller, pro, and Nzoani)


Comoros suffers from a dearth of foreign investment and needs the attention of Arab and foreign investors to fight poverty


Investment opportunities available in the following sectors:


Agriculture and hunting.


Marine fishing.


Food industry.


Spinning and weaving, clothing and leather.


The timber industry, including furniture.


The paper industry, printing and publishing.

Basic metal industries.


Building and construction sector.


Tourism (restaurants and hotels).


Comoros is the African countries which are characterized by the existence of tourism resources is good, is add to the tropical climate Featured, boasts a stock culture to attract a lot of European tourists every year.


Visitor to the Republic of the Comoros finds himself in front of many tourist options, beautiful nature, beaches, and cultural heritage are a diverse unique tourist Say what exists in any country.


Activities range from tourist hunting tourism and adventure eco-tourism and tourism relax in the sandy beaches.