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Investment opportunities in Congo


Result in the Congo offshore oil, which represents 90% of its exports.

- Has a wealth of the Congo potash, copper, diamonds and gold in addition to hydroelectric Kdran.

And issues such as tropical timber and Alopanos Alokajo.

- Congo has an important maritime transportation network, (Brazzaville on the River Congo and Bwatnoar in the Atlantic Ocean).

- Living mainly farming (cassava, rice, maize).

The cash crops for export in sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, bananas, cotton, peanuts, palm Alkrnbe product.

 The country remains highly dependent on food products to other countries.

- Is the industrial fabric of little importance, and involves the conversion industries.

- Did not allow the volatile political situation and civil wars and the devaluation of the Congolese franc growth of the economy, despite his abilities.

- External debt remains a major programs did not set by the international organizations of little benefit.

Investment opportunities:

In a number of sectors in the Congo and on her head:


Roads and Transport.




Food processing.




Capital: Brazzaville.

Official language: French.

Currency: CFA francs.

Area: 342 thousand km 2.

 Census: about 3.7 million people.

The most important cities: the city of Pointe-Noire - Brazzaville.


Visa temporary or permanent.

Customs procedures: customs clearance through customs and companies shall ensure all company procedures until delivery of the goods to the places required fees agreed upon.

The right of residence:

Stay in hotels too expensive and the prices are generally high for the adoption of the import in everything - in the case of Alacampalmwguetp two hands to obtain a visa for tourism or call from one of the residents of the State - in the case of residence Aldimp enough to obtain license to practice or work contract in the company for permanent residency