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Investment opportunities in Benin



Based economy of Benin on agriculture, the most important yields of cassava, maize and palm oil represents the largest share in the exports of the country, and spread of forests in the south and a Msdraltherop wooden local, and practiced pastoralism in the north, center, and there are some minerals such as iron, chromium, and possibly the emergence of oil in Benin.

Investment opportunities:


Boys need a lot of foreign investment in all sectors:


Industry - all sectors.




Animal production and fisheries.














Capital: Cotonou.


Official language: French.


Currency: CFA franc.


Area: 112.620 km 2.


Census: about 7,860,000 million people.


Location: Benin in West Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, where only from the south, the Gulf of Guinea, and Nigeria in the East, and north-eastern Niger, and north-western Burkina Faso and Togo West. Shares a border with Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo.


The visa regime:


Embassy of Benin, and can be obtained at the airport in Cotonou.


Death the end of the visa: There is no difficulty in extending visa for a temporary period, as there are no difficult to be extended to six years if the applicant has business interests or work in Benin.


Formal procedures: it is often the local authorities due to the embassy to get them on the evidence that they reluctance to grant a residence visa.


Drawing departure: the value of the departure fee imposed on citizens and foreigners at the airport in Cotonou is 2500 CFA francs.

No more than what the traveler holds for the equivalent of U.S. 2000 dollars when traveling.


Notes: currently must obtain a visa prior to the residence of foreigners and prove the reason for requesting accommodation for a while.