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Investment opportunities in Madagascar



Seeking the government of President Ravalomanana strongly to attract foreign investment and to address the many obstacles facing this type of investment and by combating corruption, and the reform of land ownership laws, and encourage the study of techniques works of American, European, and seeking active to attract foreign investors.

President Ravalomanana has emerged through the company Tyco of agriculture and food, which tries to apply the many lessons learned in the business world in the management of the government.

Some of the concerns resulting from the recent conflict of interest between his policies and activities of his companies.

The most prominent among these concerns is regarding the preferential treatment for imports of rice, initiated by the Government in late 2004, seeks compensation for the lack of production in the country.

The sources of economic growth in the country tourism;, yarn, textile and light manufacturing exports (in particular through the export processing zones); and agricultural products, and mining.

Madagascar is the country's leading producers of vanilla, accounting for about half of exports to the international market

Madagascar is seeking to revitalize the market tourism, environmental, and take advantage of the unique biodiversity, natural habitats for animals, national parks and lemur species

Is exports of the export processing zones, which is located near Antananarivo Ontserabi, constitute the majority in manufacturing garment, to target the U.S. market under (AGOA) and European markets under the Convention on everything except weapons

Exports consisted of agricultural products, small-scale high-value such as vanilla, Lecce, oils. Is part of a small but growing number of economists mining Ilimit, through investments in recent years, particularly near Tular and Fort Dauphin. Mining company Rio Tinto Group expects to begin operations near Fort Dauphin in 2008, after many years of preparation of an infrastructure

Mining project is a very controversial with the Association of Friends of the Earth and other environmental organizations, which report in detail its concern about the adverse effects on the environment and local communities.

Several major projects underway in the sector mining, oil and gas which will give a big boost to the economy of Madagascar in the event of success.

In the mining sector: This includes development coal in the Sakua and nickel, near Tamatave.


In oil, Madagascar's onshore oil development of vast oil Tsimiroro heavy and extra heavy oil fields in Bimolaneja

In the 2007 Constitution, to promote foreign direct investment

Investment opportunities:

In a number of sectors, including

- Infrastructure

- Telecommunications and Information Technology

- Energy

- Industry and Mining

- Agriculture

- Food processing

- Tourism

- Health and medicine.

Restrictions on the money: When the arrival of the passenger port of entry to Madagascar to be in the Declaration on holdings of foreign currencies according to the form filled out by the person, but in case of entry of funds for investment in the country are through the official channels of the country.

Currencies for change: the U.S. dollar French franc German mark Japanese yen Swiss franc Pound Sterling South Africa Rand Italian Lira Mauritian rupee Swedish crown Belgian franc, Dutch Florent

Capital: Antananarivo

Official Languages: Almgacip and French

Currency: Ariari Mgacy MGA

Area: 587.040 thousand km 2

Census: about 18.5 million people

Location Climate: Located at the crossroads of maritime routes connecting Asia, Africa and the continent of Africa is separated from the Mozambique Channel and Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and has no common border with any country due to being an island

Enjoy the atmosphere of the capital Antananarivo moderate most of the year to rise from the sea surface temperature varies between 18 and 32 and fall below it in the winter and summer rainy season. Not for the climate any negative impact on the health of citizens

The most important cities: the city of Antananarivo and Tmatan


Visa is Alhswl through the embassies of Madagascar or through the ports of entry such as airports or through correspondence with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madagascar.

Death the end of the visa: In case of overstaying his visa a month you edit the airport authorities pay citizens a new visa Qimithaama in case of exceeding more than that the airport authorities turned the situation to the Ministry of Interior for consideration and determination of the sentence on them

Drawing Departure: 80 000 francs per person per Mgacy for international flights and 8000 francs for domestic flights

The right of residence rates stay high for the situation of the population