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Investment opportunities in Mozambique


Agriculture accounts craft essential when the population works in agriculture 82% come Craft grazing after but the region of the country suffer from underdevelopment, and agricultural crops represented in the rice, sugar cane, cassava, rubber, coconut, cashew nuts, bananas, tea, cotton, and Mozambique Fame Old in the production of gold from the area of Sofala, but these important faded with time, revealing the raw materials coal, iron in some areas of Mozambique, and livestock, and there is a light industry in the tight confines of them the sugar industry and the mobilization of tea, the cotton textile industry, and used the electric power generated by the river

Mozambique welcomes the arrival of investors to build factories or set up investment projects to create jobs to overcome the high unemployment rate.

Without health care level.

Investment opportunities:

In a number of sectors in Mozambique:



Food processing.


Health and medicine.

DC: Maputo.

Official language: Portuguese.

Currency: Mticll MZM.

Area: 801.590 thousand km 2. Census: about 19.7 million people.

Location and climate: it's neighboring border in the north of Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi in the northwest and west of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sonbrland south and overlooking the Indian Ocean to the east.

Climate: rain Alamtarabgzarh monthly between January and March. From March to October, enjoy the country atmosphere of autumnal atmosphere and are more compliant with the coast from the inside.

Visa: Required for those who wish to get a visa in advance Bjoazsafar valid for 6 months at least to the consulates and embassies of Mozambique abroad and granted a visa,

according to a variety of purposes and are required to obtain a work visa that there is a letter from Mwsisp official work in Mozambique ,